An emergency procedure is a term also known as Train In Emergency. It can happen in two ways either Unintended Emergency Application or Intended Emergency Application. Though in the virtual world life is not threatened, this should be used to communicate possible delays and potential issues to the server. Any time your train goes into an emergency application, you witness relinquished rail cars inside one another (telescoping), or have an uncontrolled runaway you MUST execute Emergency Procedures.

What does NOT qualify as an emergency procedure is hitting an automobile or truck at a grade crossing. This is a known Run8 issue and though it may happen in the real world, in Run8 this is something quite normal and is currently by design. Please do not use emergency procedures for made up or dramatic events. Hot box and dragging equipment detectors are NOT part of emergency procedures. If you experience a hot box or dragging equipment simply bring your train to a stop and follow normal communications with the dispatcher on duty, or other crews if operating in anarchy mode.

The procedure involves proper communications both on the server and reporting to the forum. However a certain protocol must be followed in addition to normal communications.

1) You should immediately turn to your cab radio on any channel and click DTMF * 9 1 1. If this works you will hear an emergency call back tone from the closest tower to your train.

2) Once you hear this tone using text default communication (and voice only for those monitoring) respond via text EMERGENCY with an explanation of the nature of your emergency.

3) Before you end your tour of duty, please post a brief explanation in the forum general section of what took place and if it has been resolved. This gives server administrators information which can be used to fix the issue and recover lost trains if necessary. Just like the prototype each car in RTS has a purpose and is an essential part of the system.

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