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Perhaps you want to know what makes us different? Check out the forum post to find out yourself

From a concept in 2008, to the 1st and longest running server network before Run8 was released. In between we also had some pretty cool car forwarding software for Run8. That has since been made obsolete by the many features of Run8 V2.

We offer the entire Run8 Community access to the Run 8 Knowledge Base which is dedicated to serve anyone both new and old to the sim access to the latest information and Tutorials.  

This is where anyone can promote their own server, post in our forums, create and edit articles.  All without the drama and politics.  This is a Wikia and subject to the open concept.  We are not owners (other than a network of server owners), simply founders, admins, and members.  We don't have the biggest or nicest looking forums.  What we do have is the most powerful information tool available.  Once you become a member to Wikia, you can create your own articles and link them to our sister pages.  The community at any time can edit the information so that you have the latest info on Run8 and RTS.  This is where a wiki is more powerful than a forum because digging up old posts or anchored messages is not what a forum is for.  Forums are for discussion and again everyone is welcome.

Even if you're not a Wikia member, you can still comment anonymously.  At least you're anonymous to the public and most of our community.  We encourage questions, discussion, articles, anything that helps build a community and makes it stronger.  Though myself as founder along with our admins do have the power to moderate, our goal is to do this little if not at all.  As long as it's legal, and not out of line it will be accepted on the Wikia.

In addition to the terms and conditions set out for Wikia membership, we have a very small set of RTS procedures that must be adhered to across our network and forums. I can assure very little censorship is required here provided this is met. We encourage those to share ideas, and honest opinions of how they feel about the servers, community, and the Run8 product. As mentioned we encourage those to post new and exciting servers even if they differ from our own network.

Over the winter 2017/2018 very few if any servers were part of the network, so I'm going to be updating this for March 2018. Though not announced, this is were I plan on relaunching the RTS CA Mojave Sub a couple nights a week. If your interested in taking part of a server, simply follow the instructions in order to receive current and future information. This includes how each server operates so you know up front what to expect. Server operators also have the right to restrict access to certain server or have other procedures in place to their liking. Becoming a Wikia member which is simple and gives you access to other wikia sites is also required to be authorized.  When you are approved through this process, and have received your password (if required to log in), it's just a matter of logging into the server and you're in.

If you don't understand something, have questions, please comment or ask anywhere on the Wikia.  Myself, the admins, and the entire community will be happy to assist you in our public forums. Again you don't have to be an RTS or Wikia member to ask questions.  Welcome to Railroad Transportation Simulator, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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